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«With an approach that aims to inspire professionals, leaders or anyone interested in growing and thriving, the pages of this book are a true orientation to understand the needs of your brain and design your own philosophy of happiness»

Pere Estupinyà

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We use NEUROCOACHING and NEUROLEADERSHIP, applying tools and techniques based on the latest research to help you improve or change the situation you require.

Neurocoaching – Coaching with the brain in mind

Neuroscience on-line for coaches.
This course for companies is designed so that we can comprehend how our brain operates according to
Time management and productivity , Stress management & mindfulnes

leapLeap el primer documental realizado sobre Coachig

“Leap” o lo que es lo mismo “El salto”, es un documental que sigue la vida de 4 personas…

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 Sobre la Felicidad … Ocho pasos hacia una vida más satisfactoria

¿Quieres elevar tu nivel de felicidad? He aquí algunas sugerencias prácticas basadas en los resultados de una investigación realizada por la psicóloga Sonja Lyubomirsky, de la Universidad de California.

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