What is coaching for health?

“Health is much more that disease absence”   – Deepak Chopra-



25th centuries ago, Hipócrates said “to be healthy”  was the sign that the individual had reached a state of harmony within himself and with his surroundings and also said that “what affects the mind affects also the body, and vice versa”.”

That integrative perspective was lost with the western scientific thought headed by Descartes, who divided the human being in two different parts: a body (soma) and a mind (psique). Two different words lead to a dual way of thinking, and to a medicine dominated by the body (soma).

Modern medicine knows a lot about what makes us ill. Nevertheless, there are a number of people and an increasing number of health professionals, interested in looking for the origins of health and promoting them. In Coaching for health we work with the “salutogenesis” model.

Health is of the utmost importantance. We propose new ways of harnessing all the health resources that are available and among them we include Coaching, because it orchestrates the person to transform from a passive-patient to an active-patient. taking total responsibility of his/her well-being. Coaching for health is complemtary to other medical care, and is a paralel process and not a substitue for it.     Salutogenesis: a shift of paradigm


Support for people who look for improvement of Health and to have a healthier life

Coaching for health is an integral approach that allows the person to reach his/her maximum potential in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, development of healthy habits, emotional management, and mental and spiritual well-being.

The vision of Systemic Coaching applied to health maintains that to obtain and to maintain health, the person might need a set of strategies and specific abilities to learn how to maintain a positive and healing attitude. The proposal is “to arouse” those abilities in the person so that he/she becomes a self suficient emotional,  mental and physical support,  extending his/her resources.

When the way we feel, think and act is aligned, there is a balance in the person. But if there are blockades or repressed emotions, knots might appear, reducing energy and producing symptoms.

Many important pathologies like ulcers, heart conditions and some cancers are even related to psychological stress. For that reason, when we think about increasing health, healing illness, or to increase the hope or the quality of life, it is so important to bring about  consciousness of the implied processes systemically (a person is a system in itself) since he/she will contribute to a great extent to success in achieving that goal.

In Coaching for health, we work a lot with beliefs to harness health and well-being.  Our beliefs about  health (and other issues) influence the way we act, our lifestyle, and also harness or block the effect of medical treatment.