OUTDOOR TRAINING (for team aligment)


The outdoor sessions are planned and coordinated according to the objectives agreed with the direction of each organization and / or group needs. We customize the sessions according to the objectives and needs of your organization, and the profiles of the participants.

The methodology for conducting an outdoor training is “learning by doing”. Through highly structured experiences – dynamics, games and activities-, which are complemented with reflections and feedback, we promote potential development and the learning of key skills in the professional environment, favoring the implementation of learnings.

The Outdoor Training takes place outside the office, ideally in nature.

The Outdoor Trainings are carefully designed. This guarantees our success, becoming a powerful learning tool, to align a team, develop a positive culture in the organization and to promote changes in the professionals and organizations.

Our most requested Outdoor Trainings -performed during two days outside the normal working environment – are:

  • Mindfulnes to reduce stress and be more productive
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Team Development
  • Optimal Communication training

Workshops subsidized by the  Tripartite Foundation.