Stress Management & Mindfulness

Do not let stress affect your health and your professional success

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Real and sustained success requires effective stress management.

Unhealthy stress slows and blocks us from reaching our goals. It interferes with focus, communication, relationships and sleep; stress is something that just about everyone wants to reduce. When you learn practical and effective stress management techniques, you are provide of powerful tools that enhance health and work performance. Distress greatly facilitates making changes, job searches, leadership, performing and optimal health.

This course teaches concrete techniques that increase the effectiveness of our work, smoothing and removing stress that impedes goal achievement.

Course Topics

• Understand what stress is as a psychosomatic model

• Building awareness of stress sources, symptoms and triggerscerebro

• Learning, practicing and teaching step-by-step breathing, focus, muscle tension reduction, visualization and mindfulness techniques

• Creating and implementing a stress management plan

• Assessing stress and relaxation management success

• Give monitoring tools to evaluate the success of stress management

Learning activities include:

• answer a stress test on-line, getting a personal report with the results to raise awareness (optional)

• use of “Stress GPS” sources, symptoms, anti-stress strategies and resources of the person.

• crawlers effort to control stress and the impact of relaxation strategies

• demonstrations and practice stress reduction strategies

• specific techniques of mindfulness for stress reduction