Listening is one of the key skills of emotional intelligence . Even having demonstrated the importance of this competition, thousands of studies with leaders from different sectors , showed it is often one of the most neglected .

In Coaching we work including the body level (plus mental and emotional level) . The body is like a radar that gives us clear signals of how it is affecting what is happening . Be in touch with bodily sensations allows us to control the “performance” bringing us closer to excellence. When one starts to feel uncomfortable in a situation you can follow these steps:

1. Take a step back and listen without involving youself in what you hear

2. Let the other person talk

3. Contemplate things objectively : ask yourself if there is any reason to justify your reaction or you are simply jumping to conclusions

4. Do not criticize or make hostile statements . Focus all your attention , however , to formulate questions that can be clarifying.

“Change overreactions helps you to stay connected with people, to listen , to gather information, to understand more clearly and to maintain a positive dialogue . “

–       ” Resonant leadership ” – of D.Goleman , R.Boyatzis tand A.McKee –