Coaching and Training  A journey of Personal and Professional transformation tailored to your specific needs

Why I do what I do

Because I believe the purpose of human beings in life is to develop and enhance their talents. 

How I do it

Integrating the best and most innovative aspects of coachingneuroscience, positive psychology and leadership.

The services I offer

Coaching and training with professionalism, passion and joy. Want to try it?

Welcome to

Gemma Sala Consulting

I love partnering with individuals, professionals, or companies to manage changes and implement new learning, offering the most practical and innovative techniques to my clients.

At present, I am very interested in the study and integration of Neuroscience and Positive Psychology to the areas I work in. Do you want to try it?


I align with your objectives so that, your objectives are my objectives, and your success is my success.

I have a cosmopolitan vision that enables me to operate at different levelsfrom small and medium-sized companies and local or national organizations, to international and multicultural levelsI propose new approaches that inspire, motivate, and develop the potential of peoplethe most important asset in any organization. 


With Coaching you’ll reconnect to your deepest desires and passions, you ´ll expand your resources by acquiring tools and procedures to deploy your potential and make your life coherent with who you deeply are.


In-Company Training Programs to optimize the professional performance and vision of your company.


The science behind Coaching and Leadership. A practical translation for the change, from a paradigm based on behavior, to a paradigm based on the brain – distinctive of the XXIst century.

Online Course

The practice of Neuroscience for Coaches

In Neurocoaching, we practice coaching thinking about how the brain works. Understanding its anatomy and physiology and defining the neural basis of the brain’s processes, we can explain behavior, learning, motivation, decision making, interaction and emotional intelligence among other things.

Price: 190€
Discover my book

Secretos de tu cerebro

“With an approach that aims to inspire professionals, leaders or anyone interested in their growth and improvement, the pages of this book are a true guide to understanding the needs of your brain and designing your own philosophy of happiness.”
Price: 18€



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